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Thursday, July 4, 2013

MMM Library: MMM Search Term Roundup 1

by Scott Heffernan (bio)

Read the roundup that started all roundups. This post was originally published on August 25, 2011.

When someone finds Modern Mormon Men via search engine, we get to see what they typed to get here, giving us a small glimpse into the thought processes of those who happen upon our site. I think our readers need to see these, so I'll be sharing them monthly. Some are funny, some are sad, some are disturbing. Maybe we can work together to give some context or help answer some of those curious questions. WARNING: Although some of the more explicit entries have been excluded, saucier phrases that are included have not been edited. See them all here.

mormon men exposed
This is NOT that kind of site. Go try By Common Consent—I heard there were some leaked photos of Steve Evans.

what if judgement day doesn't happen tomorrow
It didn't. What did you end up doing instead?

poems about diet coke
I searched and didn't immediately find anything I was impressed with. Any of our commenters want to venture a verse?

mormon man good in bed

dennis rodman mormon
Not even close.

heavenly father mormon ron sexsmith
Ron Sexsmith is awesome. Heavenly Father is awesome. Although I don't think either of them would identify as Mormon.

famous mormons in canada
Don’t hold your breath. Just kidding, Canadians. Love you.

mormon wife flirt with guys
I know this sting all too well. Just kidding, Aimee. Love you.

lds women are incredible
I know, right!? (Okay, they were probably just looking for Quentin L. Cook's talk.)

you looked like a painting even more than usual
Was referring to this, but easily could have applied to this.

handsome president candidate
They must have found this. I wonder who they voted for ...

"martini-drinking mormons"
Yes, they exist. Mentioned in this post.

why do people call me the wrong name
I'm really not sure, but I bet Ken Craig can commiserate with you.

i repent . . ears have placed cotton

why has mother become evil

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