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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Handbook of Instructions (1940): Suggested Welfare Projects

by Seattle Jon (bio)

My youngest brother recently gifted me a Handbook of Instructions from 1940 signed by first presidency members Heber J. Grant, J. Reuben Clark, Jr. and David O. McKay. At 170 pages, the handbook is much shorter then our current versions (Handbook 1 alone is 186 pages) yet contains some interesting rules and regulations - and language - which I'll share over time.

Suggested Welfare Projects
1. Canning - Beef and mutton, fruits and vegetables.
2. Drying - Corn, beans, peas, fruits.
3. Sewing - Remodeling men's and boys' coats and suits. Remodeling women's and girls' dresses, house dresses, aprons. Making men's shirts, ties, underwear, sleeping garments. Making layettes. Rugs.
4. Farming - Wheat, sugar beet seed, beans, potatoes, beets and vegetables and fruits, etc.
5. Shoe repairing and making.
6. Logging and wood-cutting.

7. Coal mining.
8. Garment manufacturing.
9. Ladder making.
10. Buildings - Recreational halls and gyms; remodeling buildings; assisting distressed families in remodeling and building homes; ward chapels; renovating and redecorating; beautification projects; storehouses and root cellar construction.
11. Temple clothing manufacture.
12. Cement building block manufacture.
13. Sorghum and molasses manufacture.
14. Furniture repair and manufacture.
15. Toy repair and manufacture.
16. Wool pulling.
17. Community hospitalization and medical treatment.
18. Cooperative commercialized homebuilding.
19. Mattress manufacture.
20. Storehouse storage and distribution.
21. Community rehabilitation.
22. Reclamation and dam construction.
23. Vocational training of boys.
24. Manufacture of sprays and disinfectants.
25. Mine development work.
26. Temple projects for elderly people.
27. Occupational training for girls.
28. Manufacturing and assembly of tractors for all purpose farm work.

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