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Monday, September 30, 2019

We are all “Middle Way” Mormons, and none of us have completed the Covenant Path!

We are all “Middle Way” Mormons, and none of us have completed the Covenant Path.

By RB Mac.

The Orthodox Mormons sure love this new term of “Middle Way Mormon” that is being used to identify someone that is not living every single rule or procedure or believes in every single doctrine. I have seen a few times recently where the orthodox Mormon puffs out his or her chest in declaring the perceived shortcoming of another member by identifying their shortcomings on the Covenant Path or bestowing on them the moniker of “Middle way Mormon.” In the words of the Texas Forefathers “that really gets my goat” …. It seems that nowadays the standards of the temple are being applied to the chapel.  Its almost like we are saying to everyone, “if you want to be welcomed at the church, you have to be progressing on the covenant path at a pace we like, or what’s the point of serving you or welcoming you as part of our community.”
So, let’s be clear about a few things.

1. NO member has the viewpoint or information to judge if or how someone is progressing on the covenant path. 

2.      Simply put if we were to draw a straight line with a 0 on one end and a 100 on the other. But replace the zero with apostate Mormon, and the 100 with perfect Mormon guess what…. everyone on the earth is in-between or maybe better said “in the middle” of those two marks. Meaning what…. Yep we are all middle way Mormons.  Every single one of us is struggling with some principle of the gospel.  Why should the guy who drinks and Ice tea be labeled a middle way Mormon while the guy who does not read his scriptures every day is not?  Speak up; comment section is below, why in the heck do you Orthodox Mormons label and put others down for shortcoming that are different than yours? Oh, I see because yours are hidden in a closet where only you can see your deficiency, and that does not affect you receiving your endowments in the temple and finishing the “Covenant Path.”  Ok let’s Explore that….
 Let’s draw the same line, but on the zero side, let's write Baptism, then on the one hundred side lets put temple marriage. That’s the sublime ordinance of the Covenant Path, right?
Nope its not.  The second anointing is the sublime ordinance in the temple and yes those happen regularly, more often than you think.  In fact, this weekend at General Conference, several will most likely be performed. So, have you received your second anointing? I didn’t think so. You know what that means… you, like me, are still struggling somewhere in the middle of the Covenant Path.

Now just to go a bit hyperbolic, let’s say that you have received your second anointing in the temple. While that might be the highest ordinance in the temple, its not the highest ordinance that God bestows on his most worthy children, that ordinance is called Translation. And if you are reading this guess what, you ain't been translated, so even if you have received your second anointing, and you are still here among the rest of us middle way Mormons, you are still struggling towards perfection as well.

 So in short, why cant we all just love one another? Why cant the church be a spot of community full of love for all, equally applied to everyone? Because all of use are the in the middle somewhere. And please don’t think that to serve and love someone in church they have to be progressing at some predetermined speed along the covenant path…. They don’t….

 Have a good conference weekend, and every time you hear about the “Covenant Path” remember that you are in the middle of that path, no matter what you may want to think, so you might as well make a friend and walk that path together, in love, and without judgment. 

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