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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Tallest Man On Earth

by Clark (bio)

Kristian Matsson is the man behind the catchy name. He is from Sweden but plays his guitar and sings like he grew up with Bob Dylan. The first video is my favorite Take-Away show of all time. I look forward to visiting this music store (Music Inn) next time I'm in NYC. Something about its disorganized and eclectic mix of instruments make me want to just tinker around for an afternoon.

About Blogotheque, they have tons of great artists. You can get lost on the website for hours.

The second video is a very well done recording of a live show by Matsson in Spain. The Dreamer is the best track (in my opinion) off his latest release.

Finally, here is Mattson in another neat video of one of my favorite songs, I Won't Be Found.

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