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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mormonism's To Do List

by A-Dub (bio)

In the first chapter of James we're told "Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only." I whole-heartedly agree. So, what is it we should be doing?

Once, for a sacrament meeting talk, I compiled a list of things we were "supposed to do" as members of the church. I then attached an amount of time to each thing, trying to estimate for those things done monthly or annually how much time it would take per week. The totals, which were in no way manipulated before-hand:

Total hours in one week: 168.0
Total hours per week of things we're asked to do as members of the church: 167.6

My apologies if I've unintentionally excluded your favorite church activity from the list below. Let me know what I've missed so we can round out the final 24 minutes each week.

If after reading the list you're feeling like you aren't doing all you should be, don't worry, you aren't. But that's okay. Just do your best and the Lord will make up the difference. Anyway, you're smart ... I don't need to belabor the point. Just remember, as Mr. Miagi told Daniel-San: "Must learn balance."

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