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Friday, July 12, 2013

Guest Post: The Mormon Feminist Survey

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Nancy Ross and Jessica Finnigan are writing an academic paper on Mormon feminist identity and responses to the Mormon Spring. We’re defining the Mormon Spring as the recent changes in church policy together with online activism and activity on the Bloggernacle, from 2012 onward. We need adults, men and women, who identify as Mormon feminists to take this survey. If you identify as Mormon feminist, but have not been baptized, you can still participate in the survey. Our paper will be published in an academic journal. While that may not sound exciting, it is an opportunity to tell people outside of the Bloggernacle about Mormon feminism.

Take the survey here! 

And now for the accompanying song... (after the break)

The History of Mormon Feminism, to the tune of The Brady Bunch

This is a story of a contemporary movement
That started a long long time ago.
There were Emma, Eliza, and other sisters
And they kinda had the priesthood.

They kinda had the priesthood
They kinda had the priesthood
And some of us, some of us
Want those same things too

But in the Post-War period there were new ideas
That women should only be in the home
And they didn’t have the priesthood, couldn’t give blessings
Couldn’t publish on their own

And time went on and women forgot
All the blessings they’d lost along the way
And the church officials asked all the ladies
To go and defeat the ERA

Then came Sonia and Maxine and many others
Who helped us remember what was lost
From the church they received lots of trouble
And for Six there was a great cost

Too many in the church felt alone
Gender gave them so much grief they could not stay
And they didn’t know any others
Who felt the same way

Then one day Lisa did a great thing
She started a blog for their enjoyment
She probably didn’t know she was starting
A new religious online movement

Online Mormon feminism
Online Mormon feminism
She probably didn’t know she was starting
Online Mormon feminism

Then Joanna wrote Book of Mormon Girl
And went on the Daily Show
People hadn’t heard of Mormon feminism
But now they were in the know

Along came other blogs on the ‘Nacle
Exponent, ZD, and YMF
And along came Facebook and a group
And then a hundred more

There was an explosion of online activism
Temple baptisms, Pants, Pray, and Ordain
I Am A Mormon Feminist and others
All on the Mofem train

And now we are no longer all alone
We have lots of friends we’ve never met in real life
But we all have each other
With whom to share our gender strife

Our gender strife
Our gender strife
We have friends with whom to share
Our gender strife

And now Jessica and Nancy have a favor
To ask of all you readers out there
Please take this survey and help us
Our Mofem identity to share

With academia
With academia
Please help us to share our identity
With academia

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