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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mormon Mashup 3: Politics and Government

by A-Dub (bio)

If you combined politics and Mormons, what would you get?

Too Easy
  ·   Elders Quorum President of the United States
  ·   Executive Secretary of State
  ·   Political Action Activities Committee
  ·   White House of Order
  ·   I’d like to bear my testimony before Congress
  ·   White House of Israel

  ·   Calling and Presidential Election made sure
  ·   Praise to the Congress Man
  ·   Air Force 1 Nephi
  ·   Monroe Doctrine & Covenants
  ·   CNN Our Lovely Deseret
  ·   Born of Watergate

  ·   Oval Office of a Deacon
  ·   Filibustered with the Holy Ghost
  ·   Articles of Confederation of Faith
  ·   Surgeon General Conference
  ·   Choose the Bill of Rights, when a choice is placed before you
  ·   Mitt Romney

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