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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MMM Search Term Roundup 5: September 2011

by Scott Heffernan (bio)

When someone finds Modern Mormon Men via search engine, we get to see what they typed to get here, giving us a small glimpse into the thought processes of those who happen upon our site. I think our readers need to see these, so I'll be sharing them monthly. Some are funny, some are sad, some are disturbing. Maybe we can work together to give some context or help answer some of those curious questions. WARNING: Although some of the more explicit entries have been excluded, saucier phrases that are included have not been edited. See them all here.

who is the mormon blogger named uncle something
You must be thinking of Uncle Ben. He’s not a Mormon though. Actually he's not a blogger either. He makes rice and/or gives sagely advice to his nephew, Peter Parker.

"trail of diarrhea"
It makes me happy that someone found our blog by typing the exact phrase, "trail of diarrhea."

do colds effect men more than women
Kind of a ridiculous question.

my boyfriend bought lucky overalls
Run. Run like the wind.

mormon ghosts

how mormon men think
what happened to mormon men
why mormon men are so boring

All questions we try to explore here on MMM.

mormons against marriage
Why would Mormons be against marriage?

jon bon jovi mormon
Because Mormons are the only people who live on prayers?

bill murray as a war general
bill murray no shirt
bill murray portrait bike
bill murray onesie

Give the people what they want.

why was he called tricky dick
I think Saint Mark’s son explains it pretty well.

didnt not get my eagle scout
So you got it then, right?

the backslider cowboy jesus excerpt levi peterson final chapter

queen elizabeth is a morman
When I knew her, she was Supreme Head of the Church of England. Maybe I had a bigger impact than I realized.

the swearing general authority
I think it’s Boyd K. Packer. No wait. I can't remember.

mitt romney was my stake president
If he loses the election, they should make him President of all the Stakes in the US as a consolation prize.

mormon diaper
Not sure if they are referring to garments or something I’ve never heard of before. Either way, I'm intrigued.

"what would tammy taylor do?"
I would totally sport that bracelet.

response to president kimball never been to a boring sacrament meeting
He must not have been to very many sacrament meetings.

mmm search term roundup
This is so meta.

the best skater mormon
I took this seriously. I polled my friends. I did some research. Here's what I could find.
Don't know if they still identify as Mormon, but may have Mormon roots: Reese Forbes, Corey Duffel, Jon Allie, James Atkin.
Tom Krauser is/was(?) pro and identified as a Mormon in an interview a few years back.
Eric Bork served a mission to Guatemala.
Jeremy Jones has an "I'm a Mormon" ad. Better known as a professional snowboarder, but he is really good at skating (and taught me how to do ollies to fakie on a quarter pipe when I was fourteen).
Austin Namba may or may not be, but this SLC Temple 360 flip is definitely Mormon (first trick).

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