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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MMM Style 2: Nippon Style

by Seattle Jon (bio)

I served my mission in South Japan in the mid-1990's, and remember noticing many Japanese youth experimenting with hair color and clothing style ... often with poor results. One sixteen year-old teenager changed his hair color so often over the course of us teaching him the discussions that I worried the font water would turn purple when we baptized him. Judging from the photos below, though, it looks like Japanese youth are finally starting to figure it out.
all photos via The Sartorialist

1 - Love the informal look of this youth in a kimono, a traditionally formal garment (Sartorialist)

2 - Wish I could look this cool carrying a man-purse (Sartorialist)

3 - Thought ScottHeff would like this one, given his love of skating. I am always on the lookout for shoes like this even though my wife often donates them back to Goodwill. (Sartorialist)

4 - The pioneer- and scouting-inspired outfits have me wondering - could this be two mormon teenagers in love?  (Sartorialist)

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