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Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Posting on MMM

Looking back over the 250+ posts published in our first six months, some of the best have been from guest posters. If you haven't read the guest posts below, you should. Then you should ask yourself the following two questions:

Do I have something to contribute?
If yes, click here to find out how to guest post.

Do I know someone else who has something to contribute?
If yes, send this link to the person you thought of.

Richard Tait breaks the female gift code here.
Aaron shares great moments in sacrament meeting here.
Dustin Peterson shines while talking about his baldness here.
Sam Nelson diagnoses his feelings about his mission here.
DJ dances around his internal struggle with music here.
Glynn Wilcox mixes it up by sharing his favorite drink here.
Matt Lipps asks when he should use his lips here.
Bow Tie Guy puts in his ten cents with a discourse on tithing.

Read all guest posts here.

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