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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest Post: The Utah Sunset

Glynn Wilcox is a Texas native that sojourned in Zion for eight long years. After entering into the new and everlasting convent with his mormon princess Becca, they left Zion to Dallas, where he serves as sunday school president in the Desoto Ward with their two little future rebel missionaries. Glynn is also a repeat guest poster, having already written about radical equality here.

As mormons, there are times when we find ourselves in social situations where others are drinking and we must make the decision - imbibe the devil juice or drink something else. Some call them mock-tails and others call them faux-tails, but when the situation calls for me to hold something pretty so I can blend in with my martini drinking friends, I ask the bartender to make the following:

Utah Sunset
In a tall glass add...
Orange Juice
Grenadine syrup

This is my favorite drink to order when hanging out with my heathen or apostate friends. It is a little frilly (perfect for the ladies) but manly enough for anyone to pull off. It is a wonderfully sweet drink and it looks like what everyone else is having so you don’t become the weird-o drinking water. You can even change it up and have it in a martini glass or in one of those super cool yard glasses. Hanging out with one of these in your hand will help you avoid those awkward questions...unless you want those awkward questions?

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