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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Diaper Dilemma

by Aimee (bio)

image via Bum Genius

When we were expecting our first child, I talked to many cloth diapering parents about their decision to do cloth instead of disposable diapers. After hearing how much easier the process was than I had previously assumed, I was sold. Sign me up! I had my colors picked out for our future tree hugger and was dreaming about what we would do with all the money we would save. New couches?! But wait....convincing my husband was an unforeseen challenge.

I thought the argument for cost would win him over, but he wasn't easily persuaded. We then moved into an apartment building with a shared, coin-operated laundry and my dreams for cloth diapering were thrown out with the bathwater.

We are currently pregnant with baby #2 and plan to soon move into a house with our own personal, non-coin-operated washer and dryer. My desire for cloth diapering has been renewed! But alas, I face the same problem with my husband as I did before. Click here please.

I would love to hear from any mom, or more importantly dad, who might have opinions on this most important poop issue. Successes, failures, tips, warnings? Is it as easy as cloth diapering families describe it to be? Or does cloth diapering really just stink? (pun intended) 

Your input is appreciated!

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