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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Member Missionary Work: What Does Success Look Like?

by Bitner (bio)

For the last couple years I have been heavily involved in the missionary work in our ward. I have struggled to find a groove. Struggled to feel successful. After all, missionary work is hard.

Over the last several months we have placed a lot of focus on, which is a phenomenal resource. In fact, we have had an entire family and two other singles join the church in large part because of the exposure they had to Have you created a profile yet? You should. The spectrum of mormon profiles on is extremely uplifting.

But I digress.

I was talking about struggling to find success. What is success in the realm of member missionary work, anyway? Is it helping someone to and through baptism and confirmation and beyond?

At a recent MBA conference up in NYC, I heard Clayton Christensen -- the well-known Mormon professor at Harvard Business School who was on the cover of Forbes this year -- speak about a variety of things. One thing he touched on was member missionary work (at an MBA conference?! Yup!). Turns out he knows a lot about it. He wrote an Ensign article about it and he has a website dedicated to it. From his Ensign article:

"Once we realized that we succeed as member missionaries when we invite people to learn and accept the truth, much of the fear that kept us from sharing the gospel vanished." Ensign February 2005

Touche, Brother. Success is in the invitation.

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