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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guest Post: Duck Beach

Despite being married, we find ourselves badly wanting to see the documentary Duck Beach funded and created so we can spy into the lives of single mormons. If you feel so inclined, click here to find out how you can support the team trying to make this potentially intriguing documentary. But first, a quick word from one of the filmmakers, Stephen Frandsen. Stephen is co-founder and executive producer of Big Iron Productions. In addition to working on major film sets in New York City, he produces photo shoots, commercials, documentaries, and the like. Thanks for stopping by MMM, Stephen. Good luck with the film.

Wallace Stegner once wrote, "It is almost impossible to write fiction about the Mormons, for the reasons that Mormon institutions and Mormon society are so peculiar that they call for constant explanation."

While freelancing on commercial film sets in New York City, I hear a lot of people talking about Mormons. Maybe it's due to the new Book of Mormon musical. Maybe it's due to the possibility of two Mormons in the upcoming presidential election. Regardless the cause, despite our seeming coming-of-age in mainstream American culture, many people tell me I'm the first Mormon they've met. People are now aware of Mormons, but they don't know Mormons personally.

I realized now would be a perfect moment to tell a story that might help demystify the modern mormon experience. And, luckily, a (not Mormon) director friend approached me with an idea. He wanted to document Duck Beach, the annual migration of up to 1,000 single Mormons to the outer banks of North Carolina.

It is the perfect vehicle to tell a part of the mormon experience. We have found a wonderful cross-section of single Mormons. We will film them as they experience what some call the Mormon Spring Break. Please consider our following plea for funds. And hopefully, this story will help the next Wallace Stegner not find Mormon society too strange for fiction.

Duck Beach from Big Iron Productions on Vimeo.

Again, click here for more information.

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