Modern Mormon Men ("MMM") was launched in April 2011 after two friends read a magazine article written by someone obsessed with mormon mommy blogs. Both sensitive to the promptings of opportunity, they decided to start the manly mommy blog movement.

So, what is a modern mormon man? All three words – modern, mormon and man – are open to diverse interpretation. Figuring out the modern mormon man is less about defining who he is and more about exploring what he's made of. This blog, then, explores those things the modern mormon man interacts with most and celebrates the spectrum that is found.

We’ve assembled for the expedition an eclectic group of modern mormon men and women to regularly contribute content. New contributors will be added over time, each with his or her own unique style, resulting in a readership that is exposed to many different points of view.

Our contributors strive to maintain a neutral to positive tone when writing about the mormon church. This does not mean our contributors will only write about neutral to positive topics, nor does it mean that we've defined what neutral to positive means to each of our contributors, so please be willing to withhold judgement when one of our contributors writes something you don't agree with in a tone you don't like.

You can find biographical information for regular contributors here and can view complete post histories for each contributor via the sidebar.

A quick note on who we think reads this blog. Certainly mormon men. But this blog is also read and loved by those who interact with mormon men, offering our readers a unique perspective on those things that make mormon men who they are. What you'll find here is what inspires and motivates us, but also what we struggle with or hope to see changed. We hope you find it fascinating.

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