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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Food Fight Over Missionaries Calling Home Once a Week! (Yes it actually happened)

posted by the MMM Consortium

I knew one day all of us here at MMM would fight over something. Lines would be drawn and a civil war would break out. But I never thought it would come over something as seemingly meaningless as missionaries calling home once a week. 

Here is the short story: Jeff posted the change on our Slack page, and WW3 began.  There were more than a few comments about uncut umbilical cords, mean old white men, stupid antiquated opinions and if we should also start sending teddy bears to missionaries as well.  We decided to stop chatting before feelings were permanently hurt, so we meet at a restaurant called 7 Leguas in Lake Conroe, Texas that night to discuss in person. Once there, we started to discuss this somewhat civilly then a chip was thrown.  And it happened, an all-out food fight…in the middle of the restaurant.  It ended when Mark poured the queso over RB and RB answered back with the Mexican Guacamole. Few things are sacred at a Tex-Mex restaurant, queso is one of those things, and Mexican Guacamole at 7 Leguas is the best in the world, period. Ashamed that we had wasted the Queso, with heads hanging low we sat back down.  I wish I were kidding here, it was my turn to pay the bill, and I tipped less at my wedding dinner. 

If you follow us on Twitter, you saw that RB Mac posted that he thought that the change was a mistake. One of the replies was “your opinion is shit.” I let RB know, and he answered the comment back “the same thing my wife says” which is seriously what his wife said to him when she saw he did not like the change.  RB spent a few nights on his boat; It's more comfortable than the couch. 

On top of that, I posted a quip on my Facebook page to see what would happen, gauge the emotions on the subject.  Cousins came unglued, and my comment section became a war zone, my aunts and a few female cousins were slamming me pretty good, and at the same time, their husbands were sending me P.M.s saying they hate the new call home policy but don’t want their wife to get mad at them. Thanks, guys…..

I honestly think that President Oaks could have come out of the closet last week and it would have caused less commotion in the church.

So is this good or bad…. I don’t know.  Both sides have some good points. In the end, the growth rate of the church in 2017 was 1.5%, and inside the USA it was 0.75%. If weekly talks with missionaries can transfer some enthusiasm into the home of the members and then into the ward mission and bring that number up to a respectable level, I think that’s great. But I also see the point that youth are too interdependent. In the end this is not doctrine, there was no revelation, its an administrative decision like when in the 1960s the handbook of instructions said that all furnaces in a church had to be a coal furnace, I don’t think the Lord really cared in regards to the Coal V’s Gas debate, same on this topic. I think he trusts his leaders to make the decision they think is best and I think the Lord will back them up on that.  Right, wrong or indifferent….it is what it is.

The comment section is open, and if you want to pour some Queso on RB, he is at 7 Leguas on Friday nights, he will be the only guy in the place with a Redsox hat on…just make sure to email us a picture!

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