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Friday, September 19, 2014

Linger Longer 35

Linger Longer is a series where we highlight religious and non-religious articles, as well as mormon-related podcasts. Click here for previous lists.

Bloggernacle (religious sites)
Why Leaders Speaking in Their Native Tongue Matters (Feminist Mormon Housewives)
On Struggling With Questions and Doubts (Feminist Mormon Housewives)
Raising Kids in the Heart of the Pride Cycle (By Common Consent)
In Dialogue: The Best of Ten Years of Mormon Blogging (Times and Seasons)
The Incredible Shrinking Statistical Report (Zelophehad's Daughters)
Church Hop: Community of Christ (Doves and Serpents)
Equal and Opposite Sins? (Millenial Star)
Do We Need to Walk A Tightrope? (Artistic Preaching)
A Fifteen-Week Reading Course in the Mormon Novel (A Motley Vision)
Complexity in the Children's Literature Corner (Dawning of a Brighter Day)
Genesis of Doubt (Worlds Without End)
Sermons and Step-Parenting (Dandelion Mama)
To Be a Vessel (Mormon Women Project)
How Do I Teach My Kids About Pornography (The Mormon Therapist)
There Are No Closed Off Souls (No More Strangers)

Mormon-Related Podcasts
Episode 115: Finding God Again Through Science (FMH Podcast)
Episodes 491-492: Mara and Danny Kofoed: A Blog About Love (Mormon Stories)
Episode 247: The "Best Thing" About Mormonism - 2 (Mormon Matters)

Off-Bloggernacle (non-religious sites)
Paint the EarthRocket Golf, Far-Traveling Objects and Enforced by Radar (What If?)
The Best Way to Win an Argument (BBC)
A Theory of Jerks (Aeon)
In Search of America's Best Burrito (FiveThirtyEight)
What Ethan Swan Learned from Tracking Every Tattoo in the NBA (FiveThirtyEight)
Why You Shouldn't Drive Slowly in the Left Lane (Vox)
The Fermi Paradox (Wait But Why)
The End of Sleep? (Aeon)
Why Are Some Countries Good at Soccer? (Priceonomics)
How the American Diet Has Failed (The Washington Post)
The Rise of the A**hole Sports Dad (GQ)
Modesty: I Don't Think it Means What You Think it Means (Q)
How the Mormons Conquered America (Nautilus)
The Myth of America's Golden Age (Politico Magazine)
The Power of Two (The Atlantic)
How Did Cool Become Such a Big Deal (Humanities Magazine)
Zoo Animals and Their Discontents (The New York Times)
The Fifty Greatest Summer Blockbusters: Part 1 (The Dissolve)
The Fifty Greatest Summer Blockbusters: Part 2 (The Dissolve)
The Fifty Greatest Summer Blockbusters: Part 3 (The Dissolve)
The Worst Free-Throw Shooter (Pacific Standard)
45 Years Ago We Landed Men on the Moon (The Atlantic)
How to Survive Air Travel (Medium)

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