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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Manly Design: Record Album Cover Art

by Scott Heffernan:

When my wife, Aimee, and I got married, we wanted to have some art that combined our interests. We really connect on music and thought it would be fun to put some of our favorite albums on our wall. I liked the idea of a 3x3 square, so we each chose four albums, then agreed on a ninth together.

There are a few things to consider when choosing what to put in the frames. Love of the album, first and foremost. But the album cover art has to be good. And in some cases, really good album art wins out over a great album with poor cover art. We got married in 2006. Here's what we went with:

My picks:
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Johnny Cash - At San Quentin
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days

Aimee's picks:
Paul Simon - Graceland
Joni Mitchell - Blue
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - So Far
Marlo Thomas and Friends - Free to Be... You and Me

Our joint pick:
The Postal Service - Give Up

(Bonus kid with schmohawk.)

What are some of your favorite albums/cover art? What would you pick?

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Scott Heffernan is an artist, designer, and photographer living in Seattle. He works on the creative team at Archie McPhee, doing all manner of strange things. He grew up a child of the 80s in Salt Lake City and loves skateboarding, toys, and thrifting. He served a mission in England/Wales and has a degree in American Sign Language from the University of Utah. He has one wife and two kids. Twitter: @ScottHeffernan. Tumblr:
 photo Line-625_zpse3e49f32.gif Image credit: Scott Heffernan (used with permission).

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