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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Linger Longer 32

Linger Longer is a series where we highlight religious and non-religious articles, as well as mormon-related podcasts. Click here for previous lists.

Bloggernacle (religious sites)
What Kind of Mormon Are You Going to Be? (Feminist Mormon Housewives)
The Dialogue Diet (By Common Consent)
Equal Means Something (Times and Seasons)
Is There a Way to Find Common Ground? (Zelophehad's Daughters)
The Paperless Stake (Wheat & Tares)
Church Games (The Exponent)
Sacred Activism and the Spirit of Harmony (Young Mormon Feminists)
Choosing Modesty (Juvenile Instructor)
Friendly Fire on Mormon Scholars (Faith-Promoting Rumor)
Mormon Women Stand (Millenial Star)
Back in the Doll's House (A Motley Vision)
An Illustrated Definition of Mormon Literature (Dawning of a Brighter Day)
Sex in Genesis: Part 3 (Worlds Without End) (parts one and two)
People Like Us Do Things Like That (Mormon Women Project)
Addiction Through an LDS Lens (The Mormon Therapist)
Identity or Attraction? (No More Strangers)
#doublestandard (Rational Faiths)

Mormon-Related Podcasts
Episode 105: The History of LDS Views on Pornography (FMH Podcast)
Episode 103: Faithful and Feminist (FMH Podcast)
Episode 216: Preserving and Strengthening Relationships During Faith Transitions (Mormon Matters)
Episode 215: Mormonism's Modesty and Sexuality Discourse (Mormon Matters)
Episodes 456-457: The LDS Indian Placement Program (Mormon Stories)

Off-Bloggernacle (non-religious sites)
The Constant GroundskeeperStirring TeaLoneliest Human and Lethal Neutrinos (What If?)
Missions Signal a Growing Role for Mormon Women (The New York Times) + follow-up article
Dave Barry's Review of 2013: The Year of the Zombies (The Washington Post)
What If the Germans Had Won the First World War (The Guardian)
This Is Your Brain on Religion (Salon)
Seven Movies That Changed People's Political Views (Slate)
Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories (Scientific American)
40 More Maps That Explain the World (The Washington Post)
Dr. V's Magical Putter (Grantland)
The Five Worst U.S. Presidents of All Time (The National Interest)
16 Basic Principles for Avoiding Stupidity (LinkedIn)
Why Do So Many Romcoms Use Songs By The Cure? (The Awl)
Everything from 1991 Radio Shack Ad I Now Do With My Phone (Trending Buffalo)
How to Read a Book (Farnam Street)
That's What She Said: The Rise and Fall of the 2000's Best Bad Joke (The Atlantic)
The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards (The Atlantic)
32 Famous People Rejected by Saturday Night Live (Mental Floss)
Where Soccer Gets Made (Roads & Kingdoms)
America's Weird, Enduring Love Affair With Cars and Houses (The Atlantic)
Jerky Boys: The Calls That Changed Comedy (Rolling Stone)
The Biggest Losers in Oscar History and Other Things You Didn't Know (Digg)
1 World Trade Center: The Top of America (Time)
The First Lesson of Marriage 101: There Are No Soul Mates (The Atlantic)

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