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Friday, December 27, 2013

May You Be Nourished and Strengthened After Reading

by Lauren Johnson:

If they had trademarked it, just think how rich the person who coined the term "Nourish and Strengthen" would be. (I gave it caps there for respect). What if he/she had a penny for every time it was said? Millionaires, they'd be millionaires!

How in the world did we all agree that the best way to bless the food was to ask God that it  Nourish and Strengthen our bodies? Was there a sustaining vote? How did this three-word term get so solidified in the books of LDS prayer?

Do we really feel we should bless the mint fudge brownies at the linger-longer to Nourish and Strengthen us? Do the non-member visitors (I don't like the word "investigators") at the linger-longers think it's hilarious? Probably. Shouldn't we bless the brownies instead to not make us sick, or increase the circumference of our muffin top? Do any of us prayer-memorizers actually say Nourish and Strengthen in real life? (unless you're talking about shampoo, please don't say yes).

So many questions, I know. But now, here's a proposal. I think it's time for a "Say No to Nourish and Strengthen" campaign. The world must be full of other wonderful, and equally nourishing, terms we can use when we bless the food.

a quick brainstorm gives me:
"energize and stabilize"
"metabolize and digest"
"help" (Yup. One word. It's brilliant. Please bless this food that it will "help" our bodies.)

What if we considered what food we're blessing?

An orange: Bless this vitamin C to increase our immune system's ability. Fish: Bless the mercury to be minimum, and the EFAs to benefit our HDLs. Donut: Thanks for 'moderation in all things', and bless this fried delight, that its dance with our tastebuds be worth the carb count.

Here's to 2014. Maybe this year one of us will coin a new term that will go down in the prayer books, because it's about time we write a new edition. (if so, I suggest you trademark it.)

What would you say as a replacement to Nourish and Strengthen? What ARE you saying in its place? Any good prayer stories? I hope we can add to an ever-growing Nourish and Strengthen thesaurus. I think we owe it to our food and to our linger-longers. Together, we can!

And as you leave this blog, please return home in safety.

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