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Monday, December 23, 2013


by Ben Johnson:

Everyone has heard of First World Problems. I don't think anyone has ever done First World Mormon Problems. I'd humbly like to submit a few. Enjoy!
  • The foyer was full and I had to sit in the chapel.
  • Ugh, the block time is changing to _____. That is the worst time to go to church!
  • Really, you are giving us dipped chocolates for Mothers' Day??
  • The 40-inch TV in the bishop's office won't connect to WiFi so we'll have to use the iPad for the lesson.
  • Temple was closed for cleaning and I had to drive 12 minutes to the other temple (South Jordan FTW!)
  • I forgot to charge my Kindle so now I'll have to pay attention in sacrament meeting.
  • The WiFi in church is too slow to show videos for my lesson.
  • Only one copy of the picture "Moses parts the Red Sea"? Worst Materials Center ever!
  • Gospel Doctrine class was full and I had to attend Gospel Essentials.
That's all I can come up with for now. Anyone else have any Mormon problems they'd like to add?

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