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Thursday, October 24, 2013

#MormonHalloweenMovies: The Twitter Hashtag that Blew Up

by brettmerritt (bio)

It started at close to 1 a.m. on October 23. A friend of mine on Twitter posted the following:

Now, I love a good hashtag. So, after reading a few more of his, I jumped in with:

Drew and I went back and forth for a bit and, instead of sleeping, I was scouring IMDB lists for more inspiration. Then I finally went to bed. I woke up, went to work. By 11 am, the hashtag had exploded. Later, two local Utah papers and a blog dedicated to Twitter trends had picked up the story:

Here's a nifty real-time chart to show some of the data, if you're into that.

What's cool is the variety. For as many tweets as there are, there is just a little redundancy. Some took the route of changing up words in already existing titles, whether they became scary or not, some tried to keep the horror theme intact, some flipped it and used variations on hymns to make them scary. But whatever the approach, 99% if them are really clever and/or funny. There were some great Utah culture ones too, but I tried to keep most of the highlights below constrained to universal Mormon culture.

So, to celebrate Halloween in a manner befitting this blog, here are a bunch of the most retweeted, favorited, shared, and a few of my own #MormonHalloweenMovies up through about Noon yesterday. Get on Twitter and search the hashtag to see more.

@drewchamps — started the hashtag
24 Months Later
The Tithing
Dr. Jekyll and Orson Hyde
Rosemary's Baby Blessing

Let the Righteous Ones In
The Blair Witch Re-Activation Project
An American Missionary in London
Monson and Eyring vs Evil

The Hill Cumorah Has Eyes
Paranormal Combined Activity
The (CTR) Ring
The Priesthood Blessing of Emily Rose

Drag Me to the Terrestrial Kingdom
Last Ward House on the Left

PPI with the Vampire
Brother of Jacob's Ladder
Paranormal Inactivity

Phantom of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Brigham Young: Vampire Hunter
Dial M for Mormon
Elder Scissorhands

I Know With Every Fiber of My Being What You Did Last Summer
Helaman's Army of Darkness
Donnie Osmond Darko
The Brides of Frankenstein

It's the Great and Spacious Building, Charlie Brown
Attack of the Cannery Tomatoes
The Watcher in the Wards
The Bishop's Gorehouse

King Noah Kong
The Silence of the Lions and the Lambs

Night of the Provident Living Dead
What Father of All Lies Beneath

Pet Seminary
Little Etsy Shop Of Horrors

Young Single Adult Frankenstein
Carrie On

The Evil Kindred Dead
28 Days Later They Got Married
Run, Run, Ye Saints

I Know What You Tithed Last Summer
Church-Sponsored Event Horizon

The Sister Wife of Frankenstein
The Cabinet of Bishop Caligari

Something Modest This Way Comes
The Evil (Baptism For The) Dead
Children of the Freeze-Dried Corn

Shaun of the Baptisms for the Dead

Dawn of the Baptisms for the Dead

Night of the Living Baptisms for the Dead

Silent Hill Cumorah

Freddy Krueger's Christmas

Something Repented This Way Comes

Primary Children of the Corn

Paranormal Ward Activity

@nharper27 2h
Visiting Creatures

I Know What You Did Last Youth Conference

The Skeleton Keys of the Priesthood

The Monson Man Prophecies

It's The Great Pumpkin, Bishop Brown

The Woman in Black Slacks

Interview with an Atheist

Children of Record of the Corn

Friday the 31st: Jason is My Home Teacher

The Legend of Sleepy Bishop

We Are All Enlisted Till the Zombie Apocalypse is O'er

Give Said the Little Scream

@ModernMormonMen (Seattle Jon)
Monster House of the Lord
Orrin Portergeist Rockwell
The (Engagement) Ring
The Miracle of Forbidness
The Work and the Gory

Insidious: Chapter Two, Verse Seven

Let us know your favorites or add your own in the comments. Happy Halloween.

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