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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

MMM Quotes 13: Reassembling a Testimony

by Seattle Jon (bio)

The following quote comes from Boyd J. Petersen's article Arriving Where I Started: Disassembling and Reassembling A Testimony in the latest Sunstone (Issue 171).

Like the Church, my wife has changed over the years. She is not the same woman I married, and frankly, I would be bored and unfulfilled if she were. I certainly don't feel that she deceived me because I didn't now everything about her when I married her, and I have never felt betrayed when I discovered more about her. Some of the things I have discovered might have been apparent had I known to look, other things she may have purposefully kept from me, and still others she may not have even been aware of yet herself. Yet it has never bothered me that my understanding of her continues to evolve. So should I feel betrayed when I discover new things about the Church or start to understand how it has evolved? I have to admit that I love much of the nineteenth-century theology, but I would never be able to endure nineteenth-century Mormonism in a twenty-first century world.

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