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Sunday, June 2, 2013

National Cancer Survivor's Day: LDS Author Helps Husbands Cope

Husbands of cancer patients have a critical new resource available to them during the traumatic aftermath of a cancer diagnosis. Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? (Familius, May 2013) focuses on the thirteen common concerns shared by husbands following a spouse's cancer diagnosis. The book is written from the experienced perspective of LDS author Carson Boss, whose own wife was diagnosed with cancer, initially leaving him feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to support her, and their family, during this difficult time.

Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? helps husbands process their feelings while sharing valuable insights about how to navigate the myriad of issues that accompany a spouse's cancer diagnosis, including emotional support, cancer support groups, finances, children, extended family, jobs, romance, household chores, and more.

In developing the book, Carson reflects, "When I looked for guidance in the materials we were given from hospitals and doctors, I noticed there was nothing specific for me as a husband. So, I began the process of reaching out to husbands I knew whose wives had cancer and found their insights and advice to be priceless.”

With an introduction from Leigh Neumayer, Professor of Surgery at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? helps husbands address key issues, including:
  • How to get the word out about the diagnosis
  • Choosing the right doctors
  • Giving emotional support
  • Managing household chores
  • The financial costs of cancer
  • The emotions both husband and wife experience
  • The impact of diagnosis upon romance
  • The husband’s emotional and physical health
  • Long term care
According to Dr. Neumayer, "Many of my patients are supported by wonderful husbands. Much like parenting though, many husbands have a steep learning curve during this stressful period. In Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What?, Carson provides a guide ... kind of a What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens."

In addition, Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? shares first person accounts of husbands who supported their wives during their cancer, what they learned, what they wish they had known, and what they would do differently now. These personal accounts from men who experienced the significant challenges cancer brings to a marriage provide an invaluable tool for any husband wanting to help support his wife when she has cancer.

About the Author: When Carson Boss found out that his wife had cancer, he realized that the information provided for husbands is insufficient to adequately deal with this traumatic event. After thousands of hours of personal research with husband and wife teams and medical personal, Carson wrote Your Wife Has Cancer, Now What? to help other husbands be better prepared to help their wives. Carson is a devoted husband who adores his wife and four kids. He currently resides in Syracuse, Utah and has lived in both Texas and Canada. He enjoys writing a food centered blog as well a blog for husbands when their wives have cancer.

About the Publisher: Familius is a transmedia publisher who publishes for marriage, parenting, family fun, education, health and wellness, and children. The Familius mission is to help families be happy. We connect families with the books, e-books, videos, articles, and apps they need to build successful marriages and families.

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