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Monday, May 27, 2013

Words to Live By 8: On Hope

by Seattle Jon (bio)

Words to Live By is a series featuring short selections by eminent men and women from the mid-twentieth century. Originally published in This Week magazine, the selections represent a mosaic of what people were thinking and feeling in challenging times. Read previous entries here.

On Hope
by The Reverend John LaFarge (Famous Catholic Editor and Author)

"Hope does not disappoint." - St. Paul

I have learned that you can build a life upon hope, and if that principle is your anchor, plenty of other people will cast their moornings hard by you.

Life has taught me that the hopeful policy wins acceptance from even embittered minds. The prophet of despair gains a shouting audience. But one who speaks from hope will be heard long after the noise dies down.

As St. Paul said, "Hope does not disappoint." It is man's answer to the trust placed in him by the Creator.

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