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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Giveaway 29: Winners

According to Scott Hales, our resident book expert, Aleesa Sutton's self-published Diary of a Single Mormon Female "... is a fun book with a lot of insight into the lives of single Mormons. The book is made up of excerpts from Sutton's journals since the time she was a starry-eyed (and boy-crazy) pre-teen intercut with snarky bits of commentary from her older and wiser self. The combination is hilarious and heartbreaking." The following MMM readers have won a copy.

Gretchen Alice (read comment)
Emily Richardson (read comment)
Karen Peterson (read comment)
Ally Grigg (read comment)
Jenny Lloyd (read comment)

Winners must respond via email with their addresses by Friday, May 31st to claim their book. If you didn't win, buy Aleesa's book.

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