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Monday, April 1, 2013

Linger Longer 21

Linger Longer is a series where we highlight religious and non-religious articles, as well as mormon-related podcasts, we think you should be aware of. Click here for previous lists.

Bloggernacle (religious sites)
It Has Been Confirmed: Women Will Pray (Feminist Mormon Housewives)
Why I Do Not Watch R-Rated (Cert 18) Movies (By Common Consent)
The Case Against Scouting (Times and Seasons)
Gender-Neutral Language in General Conference (Zelophehad's Daughters)
Creating New Historical Narratives (Dawning of a Brighter Day)
Parenthood Juggle: Piano Lessons Are Worth It (Doves and Serpents)
Same or Different? (The Exponent)
Gender Flame Wars, BYU Memes and the F-Word (Young Mormon Feminists)
A Booklist for Mormon Women's History (The Juvenile Instructor)
Masculinity and Mormon Apologetics (Faith-Promoting Rumor)
Weight Weight, Don't Tell Me (Peculiar People)
Precipice (Dandelion Mama)
A Vision of Eternal Perspective (Mormon Women Project)
Mindfulness and Sexuality (The Mormon Therapist)
How I Came Out to My Ward (No More Strangers)
"I Died Inside" (Joanna Brooks' Religion Dispatches)
Spirit World Nicknames (Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer)
See, Now THIS is Our Problem (Rational Faiths)
The Gospel of Jesus Is Not a Plan (Into the Hills)

Mormon-Related Podcasts
Episodes 31-32: James McConkie on Family, Faith and the Historical Christ (A Thoughtful Faith)
Episode 33-36: Andrea Radke-Moss on Mormon Women's History and Gender Equality (A Thoughtful Faith)
Episodes 153-154: Parents on Sharing Their Faith Transitions With Their Children (Mormon Matters)
Episodes 157-158: C.S. Lewis and Mormonism (Mormon Matters)
Episode 33: Who is Mark Hoffman? Part 1 (Mormon Expositor)

Off-Bloggernacle (non-religious sites)
ShipsTwitterHair Dryer, and Cornstarch (What If?)
74 Things Every Great Star Wars Movie Needs (Wired)
Shane Koyczan's 'To This Day,' Anti-Bullying Poem, Goes Viral [VIDEO] (Huffington Post)
Deep Space Photos: Hubble's Greatest Hits (Time Magazine)
How To Be a Better Driver (Scientific American)
What If You Rammed Every Car That Cut You Off (Thought Catalog)
Clayton Christensen Wants to Transform Capitalism (Wired)
What It Was Like To Guard Michael Jordan, According to Craig Ehlo (Deadspin)
How Not To Be a Dick to Your Fat Friends (xoJane)
How "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid" Ruled the Internet (BuzzFeed)
Snakes in a Frame: Mark Laita's Stunning Photographs (Slate)
Upgrade or Die (The New Yorker)
Advice to My Kids (ZenHabits)
Cell Phones As a Modern Irritant (The New York Times)
Washed Away: Japan's Atlantis (Boston Review)
The Long Journey of Blue Jeans (Vice)
Jim Gaffigan is the King of (Clean) Comedy (The Wall Street Journal)
The Brilliance of the Dog Mind (Scientific American)

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