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Monday, January 14, 2013

Giveaway 25: Winner

As you already knowChristopher Bigelow, owner and operator of Zarahemla Books, is generously giving away one copy of each of Zarahemla's 19 titles to Modern Mormon Men readers over a series of four giveaways. This giveaway's winner will receive the following five titles (click for previews): The Fading Flower & Swallow the SunDispiritedWhat of the Night?Dispensation: Latter-Day Fiction and On the Road to Heaven.

And the winner is: Michael Asay (link to comment) - email us your address

In operation since 2006, Zarahemla Books publishes Mormon-oriented fiction, humor, and memoir, with an emphasis on adventurous Mormon stories that are unorthodox but not apostate. Theric Jepson, of A Motley Vision blog, calls Zarahemla "the most valuable brand in Mormon letters today" and "the Pixar of Mormon literature." If you didn't win, buy them or other Zarahemla titles now. Look for the final Zarahemla giveaway soon!

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