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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Linger Longer 16

Linger Longer is a series where we highlight articles that recently caught our attention. Suggest religious blogs to add or recommend your own articles in the comments. Click here for previous lists.

Bloggernacle (religious sites)
The Time Hasn’t Flown By For Me (Segullah)
Why Mormons Love Movember? (By Common Consent)
Joseph Smith and Baseball: The Evidence (Times and Seasons)
Don’t Talk to Me About Coffee and Sex (Feminist Mormon Housewives)
On Mission Hierarchy, Gender, and Organizational Communication (Zelophehad's Daughters)
Orson F. Whitney and "The True History and Character of My People" (The Low-Tech World)
No One Belongs Here More Than You (The Exponent)
Equality or More Licked Cupcakes?: The New YM/YW Manuals (Wheat & Tares)
Equality of the Sexes: The View from 1890 (Keepapitchinin)
The Complicated Issue of Inoculation (Rational Faiths)
Evil Speaking (Into the Hills)
Twilight and the CleanFlicks Aesthetic (A Motley Vision)
Dudes – How To Be A Woman is a Must-Read! (Doves and Serpents) BUY THE BOOK!
The Best of the “Mormon Moment” (The Juvenile Instructor)
Letting the Nibley Family Defend Nibley (Faith-Promoting Rumor)
Can Women with Kids Serve as Temple Workers? (Ask Mormon Girl)
Did America Just Dodge the Next Sarah Palin? (Religion Dispatches)

Mormon-Related Podcasts
Episode 139: A Beautiful Vision of Mormonism (Mormon Matters Podcast) BUY THE BOOK!
Episodes 133-134: LDS Spiritual Supplementing (Mormon Matters Podcast)
Episode 66: Freemasons (The Cultural Hall)

Off-Bloggernacle (non-religious sites)
Short Answers, Mariana Trench Explosion, and Lightning (What If?)
You're an Idiot. Statistically Speaking. (The Motley Fool)
Does Biology Make Us Liars? (The New Republic)
Half the Facts You Know are Probably Wrong (
The Classics-to-Be for Tomorrow’s Car Collectors (The New York Times)
A History of the Movies In Four Parts (The Wall Street Journal)
How the Moon Was Born (The Atlantic)
List of Unusual Deaths (Wikipedia)
The End of Jazz (The Atlantic)
God Distances Self From Christian Right (The Onion)
George Lucas’s Force (The Chronicle)
How to Eat a Triceratops (Nature)
The Case of the Mormon Historian (Slate)
Liberal Mormons: A Minority Within a Minority (The Washington Post)
Utah Sugar Daddies Coming from Ranks of the LDS Church (

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