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Friday, October 26, 2012

Guest Post: The Case for Mitt Romney

Mitchell Wall is a native Utahan of pioneer roots. Mitchell served in the Florida Tallahassee Mission. Upon his return Mitchell graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He is now pursuing a law degree at the University of Denver. Mitchell is also affiliated with Romney CTR, an independent organization supporting the candidacy of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is a tailor-made candidate for the problems that beset our nation at present. The breadth of his experience when it comes to economic and fiscal matters, his aptitude for budgetary control, and a long list of credentials that doesn’t include stints in a broken and partisan Washington enable him to tackle matters in a way that is both necessary and refreshing. A moderate approach to conservative principles coupled with economic experience and savvy form the basis of our support of the GOP nominee.

Whether people agree with his politics or not, there is little doubt that Romney is one of the most qualified candidates to ever vie for the White House. The simple fact of the matter is the man has excelled in every endeavor which he has undertaken. Whether it’s his esteemed education, his success as a business executive and entrepreneur, his miraculous turnaround of a faltering Olympics, or his accomplishments as a Republican governor of one of the bluest states in the nation, Romney has both experienced and excelled in numerous undertakings which would prepare a would-be presidential contender. The fact that these accomplishments occurred independent of the same leadership which oversaw the spiral downward into our current predicament gives Romney credibility in alleviating the burden of an “only-on-our-terms” partisan approach to solving our nation’s problems.

There is little disagreement that the most pressing issues at present are our nation’s economic digression from its former position of strength and the crushing burden of the national debt which casts an ominous shadow on our future. What is disagreed upon is how to solve those issues. The incumbent president has certainly had a bad situation placed in his lap, but the result of his efforts to solve that situation have been a skyrocketing deficit with no end in sight and little to no improvement in the economic outlook for our nation. Unemployment hovers around 8% with much of the out-of-work populace not even counted in that number due to being so devoid of prospects of employment that they have desisted in looking. Housing values have plummeted. Stimulus spending has merely created another explosion in the national deficit that will be passed on to future generations without the requisite benefits to offset that spending. With this context in mind, Americans must pose the question of why we have reason to expect a change in the national outlook in the next four years without a change in vision and direction.

Into this dearth of economic competence in our political leadership steps Mitt Romney, one of the most economically accomplished candidates to ever earn his party’s nomination. A man who has made a career and a very successful livelihood out of taking failed enterprises and making them profitable, Romney fits the need that our nation has for economic wisdom. Few men are better positioned to understand the delicate and causal relationship between public sector guidance and/or interference and private sector growth and/or decline. As a man who spent decades running companies and seeing the interplay between government policies and the bottom line of the entities which he controlled, he brings an understanding to how the government can assist in economic recovery which his opposition lacks. Whether it’s knowing when the government has a positive, proactive role to play, or when the government needs to remove itself from the private sector’s path to recovery, Mitt Romney is the candidate who possesses the knowledge, expertise, and capability to jump-start our economy and give Americans the dignity of employment which they desire to once again possess.

As for budgetary restraint, Governor Romney is a once-in-a-generation candidate who actually possesses the credentials which lend themselves to affirming his ability to balance the budget without endangering the economy. During his decades in private enterprise, he lived and died by his ability to bring in more money than he spent. This experience was made apparent when he closed a $450 million budget gap for the 2002 Winter Olympics and yet again when he balanced the Massachusetts budget without raising taxes. There is nothing in his career which suggests he lacks the ability or the fortitude to make difficult budget decisions which will restore fiscal responsibility in our nation. Long overdue, politicians who throw out money haphazardly to please their constituencies or to garner political favor will be suppressed by a candidate who finds himself morally bound by his bottom line in the event of a Romney presidency.

It is assumed that members of Romney’s Latter-day Saint faith will vote for him merely because of the commonality of faith and to vindicate our position in American society. If a Mormon can become president, perhaps this means to some that the LDS faith has reached a degree of mainstream acceptability. While personal influences often sway votes, and Mormons are no different, the reality is that Romney’s politics and abilities lend themselves to receiving the support of the Latter-day Saint electorate as much as anything.

The Latter-day Saint faith is one which preaches fiscal responsibility, an aversion to debt, and a regard for the importance of family above all other obligations in one’s life. These religious principles are synonymous with conservative political principles which Romney espouses. A desire to rein in spending, a determination to cease to heap debt upon future generations, and a plan to restore economic stability will set our nation back into a position of strength. This better enables us to look after the poor and needy. Furthermore, Romney’s social positions will protect the family and sanctity of life. Romney’s social policies mirror the truths found in the The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Romney’s campaign for the presidency is one which poignantly resonates with Latter-day Saint voters. On election day, remember to choose the right!

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