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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

MMM Quotes 12: Legacies of Jesus by L. Bennion

by Seattle Jon (bio)

The following quotes come from Lowell Bennion's Legacies of Jesus, a great little book on the Savior I recently finished. If you have a chance to read or buy the book, you should.

"For me, four aspects of religion are significant: the Church, ordinances and rituals, religious and ethical principles, and a religious orientation toward other human beings. But the most important of the four is other people – what happens to individuals as the result of a religion. The Church is not an end in itself, but a means of making gospel principles like faith and humility functional in the lives of people. Yes, even gospel principles are not the things of ultimate worth. Their value lies in how they bless human lives."

"Many people are disturbed when they find doubts intruding into their faith, particularly young people who, as a natural stage in their maturation, are questioning the simple faith of their childhood. I try to point out to them two facts: Jesus did not rebuke the father for his unbelief, and the father confessed his unbelief to the Savior in the context of asking for help. I believe that our Heavenly Father is pleased with such confession. What could make for healthier growth than expressing doubts in a context of faith? Indifference, it seems to me, is far deadlier to faith than doubt."

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