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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Animated Primers on Major Theories of Religion

by Seattle Jon (bio)

I found these 60-Second Adventures in Religion – put out by The Open University – to be not only enjoyable, but informative as well.

Adventure #1: Religion as social control Had Marx got his way, society would be so happy being revolutionaries, there’d be no need for religion. He’d obviously never been to a Gulag.

Adventure #2: Religion as ritual Explore how ancient beliefs developed from “Eggism” into modern day religion. French philosopher, Comte explains how.

Adventure #3: Religion as a mother Why do so many people picture God as a man? JJ Bachofen suggested there was once a time when it was the Goddess, not God that people turned to for religious guidance.

Adventure #4: Religion as a virus Can science and religion ever sit side by side? Not according to Richard Dawkins. And he has rock-star mice to prove it.

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