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Monday, September 3, 2012

Linger Longer 13

Linger Longer is a series where we highlight articles that recently caught our attention. Suggest religious blogs to add or recommend your own articles in the comments. Click here for previous efforts.

Bloggernacle (religious sites)
Undiscovered (Segullah)
A Historical Note on “Unorthodox Mormonism” (By Common Consent)
On Being Taken Seriously (Times and Seasons)
Mormon Checklist (Feminist Mormon Housewives)
Pewferences (Zelophehad's Daughters)
Sunday Chalkboard Wisdom (Dandelion Mama)
I Gotta Have More Millstones (The Low-Tech World)
The Word: “Feminist” (The Exponent)
What is Faith (Wheat & Tares)
This Passing Time (Keepapitchinin)
Of Pre(co)cious Value (A Motley Vision)
A Mormon in the Cheap Seats: Truth or The Onion? (Doves and Serpents)
Gender and the Priesthood Ban (The Juvenile Instructor)
First Presidency Member Statement on Anti-Intellectualism (Faith-Promoting Rumor)
How Dare you Even Mention … (Ask Mormon Girl)
Romney Lets His Inner Mormon Out Just in Time for Tampa (Religion Dispatches)
Interpreter Sponsors Its First Conference (Mormon Interpreter)
Is the LDS (Mormon) Church Growing (LDS Church Growth Blog)

Off-Bloggernacle (non-religious sites)
I, Nephi (The New Yorker)
The Real Romney (The New York Times)
Robot Apocalypse (What If?), Glass Half Empty (What If?) and Everybody Out (What If?)
The Joys and Hazards of Self-Publishing on the Web (The New York Times)
Pixel Perfect (Daring Fireball)
With Arena, Rapper Rewrites Celebrity Investors’ Playbook (The New York Times)
'Beam Us Up, Mr. Scott!': Why Misquotations Catch On (The Atlantic)
Guerillas on London Transport (The Poke)
'The Parent Rap': Is Rhyming About Parenthood A Trend? (Huffington Post)
Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression (Brass Check)
Why It’s Important For People to Know Experiences Are Better Than Possessions (Peer-Reviewed by my Neurons)
Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive? (The New York Times)
Bankstas in the Age of Money (Vanity Fair)
How Long Do You Want to Live? (The New York Times)
Was I Wrong to Post This Picture of My Daughter and Myself on the Internet? (Huffington Post)

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