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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Words To Live By 1: Why Everything Counts

by Seattle Jon (bio)

Words to Live By is a new MMM series featuring short selections by eminent men and women from the mid-twentieth century. Originally published in This Week magazine, the selections represent a mosaic of what people were thinking and feeling in challenging times.

Why Everything Counts
by Samuel Goldwyn (famous Hollywood producer)

"You always meet people a second time." - Unknown

Those words were told to me when I was quite young, and whether I have fully succeeded or not, I have at least always tried to act accordingly. I know of no better advice to pass on - especially to young people.

The first impressions you make are usually the most important. What you say - what you do - how you act - the first time you meet someone, will largely determine your reception the next time. Even though it may be years later, people will usually remember whether you were courteous or rude, decent or smart-alecky, honest or dishonest, and the general impression you made.

Be yourself with everyone you meet - but be your best self, for you can be sure that before you have lived out your life, you are going to meet again.

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