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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ode to Summer

by Apparent Parent (bio)

Stop hiding there, I can see you,
Keeping my kids awake,
Making us all laugh and play,
Because daylight is at stake.

It's 10 o'clock, and just right now,
My kids went down to sleep,
And yet I hear them laughing,
And the noise is pretty steep.

Why is it I like you?
When all you do is rise,
Up with the sun,
And abandon with the dusk,
All the summer fun.

It may just be a good thing,
That your stay is pretty short,
When my bones start lagging,
At the break of dawn so early,
And after all those games of tagging.

But even if you did stay,
I think I wouldn't mind,
Because unlike some people's in-laws,
You fill me up inside,
And I can see past all your flaws.

So stick around and stay awhile.
I just might need the help,
When the winter sucks the life,
From the landscape and the soul,
And makes my problems ripe.

I promise I won't complain,
If you keep my kids awake,
And wake me at the dawn,
With chirping and the sounds,
Of life and fun, and newborn fawns.

I may get tired of tiring out,
But I wouldn't change a thing,
Each moment that I spend with you,
Is the balm that makes me happy,
Because, o summer, it is true.

Without you life would be plain shabby.

Yeah - I know. I followed no meter and had no rhythm. And the rhyming is only half there. But I'm no poet. I don't claim to be. Wordsmith, yes. Daddy, check. Writer, mm-hmmm. Poet, not so much. If I spent more than 15 minutes on this after putting my kids to bed after 10, you could expect more. As is, you'll just have to cope with a half-baked poem from a raw poet. I love my summer, even if it does punch me in the eye at 5 a.m. to wake me up after a long night enjoying warm summer air.

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