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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun With Kids

by Pete Codella (bio)

Some of my fondest childhood memories center around activities I did with my parents and siblings. We were involved in Scouts, soccer, church and community theater, and I was involved in band and orchestra (I played the trumpet from sixth to twelfth grade). Those things pretty much occupied my youth and teenage years.

It has been fun and rewarding as a father to participate with my kids in activities. Our daughter took dance lessons and performed at recitals for a few years while we lived in Henderson, Nevada. Here in Bountiful, Utah she has taken piano lessons, sung in the school choir, and last summer started playing soccer with the local recreation league.

Eliana, who’s now 10, likes to do things right. In other words, she’s a Type-A personality, like yours truly. It sure is interesting how different kids’ personalities are, even in the same family.

I’m including a few photos of my daughter from her recent piano recital, rocket launching with her school’s Young Astronauts club, and trip to Antelope Island and Utah’s oldest working ranch.

I love doing things with my kids and building lasting memories with them. And I actually get some strange satisfaction out of my daughter’s perfectionist tendencies, although I don’t know that my wife appreciates those traits in her as much as I do.

Given how insanely busy life is for our family, I’m doing my best to appreciate the time I have to spend with my kids while they’re young and living with us. Looking back on my own experience, and hearing from others, I know this time will be over all too soon.

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