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Friday, January 13, 2012

Shamed: A Documentary Feature Film

by Aimee (bio)

As a marriage therapist, it is saddening how often I see a significant breakdown in relationships with my LDS couples due to pornography addiction. The biggest sorrow is the mistrust it breeds in so many aspects of their lives. The recovery to rebuild that trust takes a lot of time and work. I'm sure everyone reading this has a personal story attached with how pornography has affected you or someone close to you. Am I right?

Recently, a trailer was brought to my attention that addresses this issue in very direct, honest, and open way.

Shamed is a documentary in the works with hopes of telling stories regarding pornography addiction in order to look at how to remove the debilitating shame that exists around pornography and sexuality in conservative Christian communities. Shame is such a powerful emotion that often keeps people from truly healing and can end up doing much more harm than good.

Please check out the Shamed trailer below and then head over to their Kickstarter page. I believe it could be a very powerful, healing tool in helping families work through this addiction. Plus, I like watching quality films focused towards the community of people I love. The filmmakers financial goal is $40k and Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform on a deadline so clearly they need support. Small donations from a lot of people add up quickly so please consider giving what you can. 

Please click right here and give them your support! 
And if you are so inclined, spread the word so they can reach their goal.

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