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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting Dad To The Gym

by Seattle Jon (bio)

My wife exercises regularly, getting up at 4:45 a.m. most days in order to be home from the YMCA by the time I leave. I exercise ... less regularly ... mostly because I've always prefered to exercise through athletics. With competitive tennis, softball and basketball opportunities becoming less frequent, I find myself getting less exercise.

Until now.

My wife has figured out a way to get me to the gym regularly, without the nagging. She got the kids involved.

Our local YMCA (and probably yours, too) will train your children on the equipment starting at age nine. Once trained, they get a wristband that lets YMCA employees know they've been trained. Our oldest daughter enjoys using some of the weight equipment, as well as the stretching area. My oldest son enjoys running on the treadmill - seeing all the data speaks to his obsession with numbers. So what my wife has done, essentially, is to get my children interested in exercise. It's relatively easy to put off exercise when the wife is suggesting it, but when your kids are asking YOU to take THEM to the gym? More difficult, at least for me.

Men, how are you motivating yourself to exercise?
Women, how are you motivating your men to exercise?

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