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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Foul Language

by Seattle Jon (bio)

"I won't go to Hell for swearing because I repent too damn fast." - J. Golden Kimball

After Scott Hales wrote this post, I put The Backslider on my short list of books to read. I finished it last month, and while I imagine a lot of mormons won't like the novel because of the frequent irreverence and bawdiness, I rather enjoyed it.

What I really enjoyed, though, was the cursing - real zingers like "Wheegizz!", "Goldummit!" and "Oh sweet horsepuck!" These choice words got me thinking ... and questioning the importance we place on clean language.

Is all swearing and substitute swearing wrong? If it's not all wrong, when is swearing okay? Share what you think in the comments, then visit the links below to see what others around the bloggernacle have to say.

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