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Friday, October 7, 2011

Vote or Die 4: Hungry Communion

by Scott Heffernan (bio)

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Which kind of sacrament bread do you prefer to partake of? White bread or wheat bread?

Form pales in comparison to meaning when it comes to this ritual. But be honest with yourself...

Do you go for health or flavor? Do you sneak an early glance to see what’s coming? Is there an ever-so-slight disappointment in your heart when you reach out and feel a stale, crusty chunk? Does it enhance your spiritual experience when the bread is fresh, fluffy, and delicious? Do you take a larger piece if it looks good (or if it’s fast Sunday)? Do you aim for crust? No crust? Anyone in a ward that does homemade bread? Ever had cinnamon bread? And what about the celiacs?

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