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Friday, June 24, 2011

I Love Curel

by Saint Mark (bio)

I'll admit it. I love Curel. Yes, it's true and I don't care how it sounds. I'm a man and I'm in love with a lotion. Now, this is not just any lotion. It is the lotion. Curel used to have the tagline "Ends Dry Skin" in all of its marketing a decade or so ago and I believe it should return to this maxim because it is true. As a continual customer of Curel for the past 20 plus years, I speak from experience. In fact, since the time we were dating, my wife (for the past ~9 years) constantly has commented on the softness of my feet, arms, hands, legs, etc. And the reason? Curel.

Full disclosure: I am a connoisseur of brands. I'm what might even be considered a "brand snob." After many trials and errors, I feel that I have found the perfect brand for many of our every day products. For example, on my pancakes it has to be Log Cabin or nothing. Anything else makes my hot cakes taste like Johnny cakes (the flour paste pies that pioneers used to make). Only Charmin adorns my toilet paper holder. I don't usually eat chips but when I do, it has to be Ruffles. The ridges and the crispiness and the taste are incomparable.

However, I do not consume only brand-name products. For peanut butter and jelly, generic works fine for me. I prefer wheat bread but will eat any brand that makes it. Paper towels, I'm indifferent. Bottled water, give me the cheapest.

But, when it comes to chips, toilet paper, syrup, or lotion, my brands have never failed me. If you doubt, I challenge you to the Curel challenge: try it for a month and let me know if it doesn't improve the dryness of your cracked hands or the Mojave desert you call your heels. Try Curel and your skin will never be the same. Take my word for it: I'm a brand snob. Out of curiosity, which brands would you say are the best of their kind?

MMM disclosure: No, Curel did not pay us to have Saint Mark write this. Yes, Saint Mark really is a man.

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