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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Letter To The Lord

by Seattle Jon (bio)

I will be giving a talk this Sunday on the topic of testimony. The starting point of my preparation is usually to review talks I've given in the past to see if there is anything helpful I can use this time around. The first talk I reviewed was one I gave last year on Mother's Day. I'd forgotten about the poem I wrote for my wife, which opened the talk. I thought I would share it with you.

Dear Lord,

A dozen Mother’s Days ago,
you blessed me with a woman so,
Wonderfully suited to who I am,
I count myself a fortunate man.
She adds to where I need adding,
and shapes where I have too much padding.
She knows when not to speak, but look,
and boy can that woman cook.
She’s incredibly selfless, sometimes to a fault,
and sometimes the cracks she opens I can’t halt.
But isn’t life more interesting with lots of cracks?
They build our muscles and strengthen our backs.
Cracks make us question our deepest beliefs,
and make us look for sweet relief.
I guess that’s it, I feel relief.
I might not know a lot, but I have belief.
In you, that you lived, and died, and live once more.
I hope if that’s all I have, it will open the door.
But for now, an expression of gratitude, for her, is what I give.
And an expression of love, to her, each day I live.
I sign this with my pen.


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