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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Retro Man

by jjplant (bio)

This is my first ever blog post, and I must admit this is the only blog I have ever looked at other than my wife's family blog. So please be patient with me as I am trying to figure out both what is kosher to post and the culture of the blogging world.

I'll be honest, I probably won't share many jokes for the sole reason that I have three to five jokes I just recycle between crowds, and if put them on an open access website I would lose all of my material. I will also not reveal my political colors, because I myself don't know what they are. I envy people who are confident enough in their political opinions to express them publicly, a confidence I have always lacked. In essence I am a political chameleon.

So for my first post I was thinking of writing about retro man. Who is retro man? He is that guy we all see who wears vintage clothes including thick framed glasses and chucks; he owns a bike from the 50s and is up on the latest "un-mainstream" music. I admit that I tried and continue to try to be that man. In fact, I once realized that if I had any chance of courting my wife over nine years ago I would have to become that man. However, I think my version of retro man is missing a critical component. It is easy to google "vintage looking glasses" and fulfill the outward appearance of retro man with your credit card number. It is much more difficult to fulfill the inward traits of retro man. These retro characteristics include: chivalry, taking pride in your work, understanding the importance of community, speaking with respect, honoring the elderly and valuing the importance of family time.

So, in a public attempt to complete the true retro man ensemble (in a similar attempt to court my wife), I will promise to try and not only dress like a retro man but act like a retro man.
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