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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Post: Rookie of the Year

A guest post from our first Millenial. Seattle Jon is still getting used to someone living with his little sister.

Image via Leah Naomi Design & Photography.

I played basketball in high school. I lived in a foreign country for two years. I survived a parasailing accident. I got my Bachelor’s. I live with a girl now … what?

I live with a girl? You mean I hang my jock strap right next to this frilly cardigan from Banana Republic? How did this happen?

Well I got married, you see. That’s what happened. Don’t get me wrong; I’m really happy it happened. I married a person that makes me happier than anyone else. I’m just saying that the concept is still hard for me to comprehend sometimes.

I realize that some things I may never understand. For example, why do you assign me a task and keep your timetable for completion a secret? I didn’t know you wanted it done immediately until you started to do it yourself! Guilt.

Look, I’ve been married for just over a month. All that means is that a month ago we were given plenty of unsolicited “advice” about marriage at our reception. Here is a sampling of the "positive" encouragement we received:

• It's not about you.
• Marriage is really hard at first.
• You have to work at it in order to make it work.
• Being married requires tons of sacrifice.
• The honeymoon is fun, and then real life starts.
• How comfortable are you with debt?

Thanks, everyone. I’m stoked. MMM readers - how about some encouraging advice?

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