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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vote or Die 1: Posthumous Embrace

by Scott Heffernan (bio)

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I used to run a site called Vote or Die Blog. It presented a random question with an either/or option that readers would vote on. Notable posts include:

Who would win in a fight? Chandler or Ross (from Friends)?
Who looks more like Sam the Eagle? Don Imus or John C. Calhoun?
What are you more afraid of? Ghosts or Aliens?
Who is the cooler Jehovah’s Witness? Ja Rule or Lark Voorhees?

Much to the sadness of readers (my wife and my parents), posts slowed, then stopped. I hope to resurrect the Vote or Die style and occasionally post them here on MMM. Sometimes they border on irreverent and sometimes they’re way beyond that, but please realize it is not my intention to offend. And always remember to vote with your heart.

Beloved by Mormons and gentiles alike, these revered men were taken from us too early. Perhaps the Lord needed them to inspire spirits on the other side. I wonder what they're up to.

Fred McFeely Rogers hosted the endearing Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (although one wonders if it would have been as highly acclaimed had it been presented under it’s original name, Uncle McFeely’s Den of Little Wonders). He was an advocate for PBS funding as well as for the VCR. You Tivo/DVR users owe him a big hug when you see him. He was a vegetarian Presbyterian minister. Oh and did I mention that he neither drank nor smoked? BAM. I know we’re not allowed to take material possessions with us when we pass, but I like to think that the Reverend is still sporting a cardigan.

Christopher Reeve a.k.a. Superman was actually quite versatile. Aside from acting, he was an experienced pilot and competitive horse rider. He was an environmental activist and proponent of embryonic stem cell research. Also a man of integrity, he was known to turn down big roles that were offered if he felt he was not right for the part. American Gigolo, Lethal Weapon, The Running Man, Pretty Woman, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Spicoli) are but a few of the movies he passed on. He turned down a lead role in a TV series as it would have moved him from NYC to LA, further away from his children living in London. Perhaps his only sins were Superman III and IV.

But this is not a competition to decide who was a better person. Who do you think would be more receptive to the missionary discussions? Let the speculating begin.

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