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Friday, April 15, 2011

Book: Saints Without Halos

by Seattle Jon (bio)

I recently finished Leonard Arrington's wonderful book, Saints Without Halos. In the book, Arrington gives us seventeen short character sketches of lesser-known saints, whom he describes in these words.

"Mormon history abounds with people of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and personalities. Their individual stories are not well enough known. Quite apart from the notable lives of the General Authorities there is a wealth of experience in the stories of the members — men and women who, as teachers, bishops, stake presidents, and Relief Society presidents, served faithfully in the vineyards to which they were called."

You can find this book (as well as other great books) for free at Signature Books. Unfortunately, they do not provide pdf files for easy printing, so I ended up copying each chapter into a Word file in order to have reading material during elders quorum. Email me and I'll send you the Word file.

Signature Books: here
Signature Books (online library): here
Wikipedia (Arrington): here
Image via Signature Books

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