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Friday, April 17, 2015

Church Ball Chat

by Seattle Jon:

Yet another church ball season came to an end for me last night in the regional tournament, but not before I had this pre-game skype session with two of the other players. Enjoy.

[2:20:59 PM] Luke Warmer: what time do we show up?
[2:21:13 PM] Dave: there should be some warm up time by about 845
[2:21:29 PM] Dave: Bring compression sleeves
[2:21:32 PM] Dave: Knee braces
[2:21:35 PM] Dave: Headbands
[2:21:43 PM] Dave: Chewing gum
[2:21:56 PM] Luke Warmer: ... the usual
[2:22:08 PM] Dave: Small sun visors worn reversies
[2:22:25 PM] Dave: and bring a good whistle too
[2:22:30 PM] Dave: For warm ups/
[2:23:14 PM] Dave: Snap away warm up pants
[2:24:15 PM] Dave: A small spray water bottle for combing your hair back if it gets too disheveled
[2:24:41 PM] Luke Warmer: with switch-blade comb
[2:24:56 PM] Dave: Bring the gym bag that fits 7 regulation basketballs in it
[2:25:21 PM] Dave: And any extra ankle braces you have lying around. We'll need all of them.
[2:25:29 PM] Seattle Jon: reebok pumps
[2:25:39 PM] Dave: Wrist bands. Extra thick.
[2:25:52 PM] Dave: Neck warmer, lip balm
[2:25:55 PM] Luke Warmer: oxygen tanks
[2:25:55 PM] Seattle Jon: a small towel for wiping the floor of sweat
[2:26:03 PM] Dave: yes bring extra
[2:26:11 PM] Seattle Jon: one of those foam fingers
[2:26:17 PM] Seattle Jon: actually two, for the bench guys
[2:26:28 PM] Seattle Jon: an extra scoreboard battery
[2:26:40 PM] Dave: Bring the clipboard that has erasable marker for drawing up the play coming out of time out
[2:26:47 PM] Seattle Jon: I have one dave
[2:26:50 PM] Seattle Jon: I'm coach
[2:27:01 PM] Dave: We'll need an extra because you might snap it in half
[2:27:05 PM] Seattle Jon: good call
[2:27:37 PM] Dave: Bring 3 water bottles. One with water, one with gatorade
[2:27:43 PM] Seattle Jon: the other one for urine
[2:28:17 PM] Dave: Bring one of those dog training clickers for Bob
[2:28:26 PM] Dave: He responds well to that
[2:28:58 PM] Seattle Jon: bring an extra backboard in case you shatter one
[2:29:01 PM] Dave: You might have to write this down. It's a good list.

Consider it written down, Dave.

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Seattle Jon is a family man, little league coach, urban farmer and businessman living in Seattle. He currently gets up early with the markets to trade bonds for a living. In his spare time he enjoys movies, thrifting and is an avid reader. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the Japan Fukuoka mission field. He has one wife, four 
kids, a cat and four chickens.

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