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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Till We Meet Again, Bravermans

by Eliana:

Talking about television is a bit tacky but I’m doing it anyway. The NBC show Parenthood has just ended a five year run. I’m in mourning. For those of you not in the know, Parenthood is about the Braverman family—two parents, four grown children, and their families. Problems ensue. Happy things happen as well as challenges. It is the most realistic depiction of family that I think I’ve ever seen on television.

Before I open this up to comments about what we each love about the show or different characters, let me get into some of my reasons. I am not going to list characters, though I’m tempted. Wikipedia is helpful for that sort of thing. I’m not going to tell you to watch it, though you should. Everyone has a different comfort level and sometimes people on Parenthood do not follow all the standards in the For the Strength of the Youth pamphlet. One of the reasons I like the show is because there is follow through: actions generally have consequences. Kind of like real life.

  • Forgiveness: People hurt us. We can move on. In the show, as life, this doesn’t have to be fast or simple but in order to move forward in our relationships, we have to do it.
  • Family: The people who know us best, at our best and our worst. And they love us anyway.
  • Plans: Go ahead and make them. Maybe life will work accordingly but maybe (probably) not. You have to roll with it and not give up.
  • Love: Such a complicated thing. Loving people who are jerks. Learning to love. Allowing someone back into your heart. Loving at different stages. Love, sweet love.

I hope I’m not the only Parenthood fan out there. That would make me sad. I should be offering t-shirts for commenters but I’m just not up for it right now. I want to hear about your favorite moments that spoke to you, like a very accurate portrayal of how it feels to be a sibling to someone on the autism spectrum, for example.

We’ll miss you crazy Braverman clan. I know a way your family can be together forever, if you’d like to learn more.

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Eliana Osborn was raised on cold weather and wild animals in Anchorage, Alaska, setting the stage for her adult life in the Sunniest Place on Earth in Arizona. She grew up in the church and didn't know there were places where conformity was preached. She has degrees. She writes. She teaches. She has some kids. She even has a husband. She's trying to do her best. Twitter: Eliana0Eliana. Website:

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