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Monday, June 23, 2014

Linger Longer 34

Linger Longer is a series where we highlight religious and non-religious articles, as well as mormon-related podcasts. Click here for previous lists.

Bloggernacle (religious sites)
Doctrinal Evidence for Female Ordination (Feminist Mormon Housewives)
To The Church and To Ordain Women (By Common Consent)
12 More Questions for Armand Mauss, Part 3 (Times and Seasons)
Modesty Rhetoric in Church Magazines (Zelophehad's Daughters)
Collisions of Conscience (Doves and Serpents)
Shame and Affirmation (No More Strangers)

Mormon-Related Podcasts
Episodes 231-235: Perspectives on News of Possible Excommunications - Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Mormon Matters)
Episode 112: "I Am Kate": Sara Speaks (FMH Podcast)

Off-Bloggernacle (non-religious sites)
Lake TeaPile of Viruses, Catch!Hitting a Comet and Star Sand (What If?)
The Origins of Office Speak (The Atlantic)
The Man Who Literally Built Star Wars (Esquire)
16 Leadership Lessons From A Four-Star General (Farnam Street)
The Top Ten Global Warming Skeptic Arguments Answered (The Guardian)
The Rise of Nintendo: A Story in 8 Bits (Grantland)
Disneyland's Original Prospectus Revealed! (BoingBoing)
The Marx Brothers: The Comic Combustion Celebrates 100 Years (American History Blog)
The Hot Spotters (The New Yorker)
The Truth About Bug Spray (Mother Jones)
The Library of Congress Wants to Destroy Your Old CD's (For Science) (The Atlantic)
The 10 Algorithms That Dominate Our World (Medium)
The Skills of Leonardo da Vinci (Farnam Street)
25 Things Hiding in Sports Logos (Mental Floss)

Other MMM Posts

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