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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Costume Conundrum

by Eliana (bio)

My friend Henson, age 12, and his father, have one of my favorite traditions: they dress up together for Halloween. Last year they were the Men in Black (water guns spray painted silver look very authentic); the year previous they went as Phineas and Ferb, with attorney dad sporting the high waist purple pants look. In a house filled with girls, this once a year solidarity for such an important issue as costumes makes me happy.

I have two boys so I like thematic costuming if possible. The year Cole went as a secret agent, though most viewers thought he was supposed to be Michael Jackson, was an exception that strengthens my resolve. Let it be known, I’m not much for holidays. The fact that Halloween has no emotional tug on my heart makes it easy to be fun—no gifts, no family expectations, just a chance for kids to be silly.

Last year the little chaps went as Batman and Robin (gratuitous, poorly lighted video of my children being cute can be viewed here). Even better, the best friend was Bat Girl so she fit right in.

For this year, we’re still without ideas.  I’m not ruling out the Star Wars universe, but we’ve been down that road a lot and I’d love to diversify. If my children had any strong opinions on the subject, I’d go with it, but my insistence on not talking about Halloween until October seems to have crushed everyone’s creativity.

We’re a family of four, so ideally we could do a whole family costume thing. Granted, I’m a Not Thin, Garment Wearing Woman so 97% of female costumes are off the table, but there’s got to be something. My usual costume is a wig—easy and funny at the same time, and amped up easily with the addition of an adhesive mustache.

So dear MMM readers, costume ideas. I’m not crafty so if it involves more then three stitches it isn’t going to happen. Bonus points for religious themed ideas. Wouldn’t a line of Arnold Friberg Book of Mormon suits, complete with foam muscles, be great? IF I wanted to traumatize my kids forever, I’m thinking Abraham and Isaac could work—one tied up, ready to be sacrificed, the other with a bushy beard and big knife.

Now you see why I need your help.

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